Our Acquisitions

For the Museum

Baillon Olympic Ephemera


Islander Louis Baillon competed in England's gold medal winning Hockey Team at the 1908 Olympics. His memorabilia were procured for the museum


Goss China tea set


In the early 20th Century, crested ceramics made by the Goss family were very popular. A branch of the family settled in the islands

de Martino Painting


This painting by the Italian maritime artist Eduardo De Martino, dates from1866. It is the earliest known image of Stanley

Blake Pastel Landscapes


Atmospheric landscapes painted by Edith Blake on West Falkland, during an extended visit to the Falklands in 1963



The FIMA Friends supplied the museum with a digital projector for use in presentations and lectures

Painting of Hospital Ship SS "Uganda"


This watercolour shows SS "Uganda" at the end of her service. "Uganda" operated as a hospital ship in the islands during the 1982 war

Brandon Map


Dean Brandon was a popular cleric in the latter part of the 19th Century who travelled extensively in the islands. This was his map

Audio Equipment


This public address system ensures that audiences can hear and enjoy talks by visiting and resident lecturers

Stamp Collection ipad


The national stamp collection is housed at the museum. This tablet lists and describes every stamp 

"Luiga S" Chair


This chair was purchased at auction locally and was originally in the captain's cabin of the sailing ship "Luiga S"

Specialist Map Cabinets


The museum's collection of large scale prints, maps and plans are cared for in specially designed storage

Document Protection


Valuable documents in the museum can now be protected from damp and dust using this encapsulating equipment

Maj Chris Keeble's Helmet


Major Keeble took command of 2 Para at Goose Green when Lt Col Jones was killed in the battle. This is his helmet.

HMS "Exeter"


HMS "Exeter", the subject of this model, fought at the Battle of the River Plate. A number of her crew were killed and are  buried in Stanley.

HMS "Conqueror"


This model of HMS "Conqueror", which sunk the Argentine cruiser ARA "Belgrano" in 1982, was bought at auction in London.

Cobb Family Bible


  The Cobbs were pioneering farmers and naturalists in the islands. This is the family’s 19th Century Bible 

German Tin Egg


This souvenir metal egg, made in Germany, depicts ships of the German Navy which were sunk in the 1914 Battle of the Falklands 

Occupation Letter


Teena Ferguson wrote this letter  describing life under Argentine occupation at Goose Green.

HMS "Penguin"


HMS "Penguin" was a small and lightly-armed sailing vessel, which patrolled the Falklands in the early 19th Century. This book tells her story.

HMS "Endurance" Shield


Believed to have been made on board the ship, this shield was removed from her wardroom before the 1982 veteran was scrapped

Our Acquisitions

For the Archives and the Library


Digitizing equipment

The FIMA Friends funded the purchase of modern digital copying equipment for the archives

Brandon albums


 Dean Brandon was an early Falklands cleric and keen photographer. His early images of the Islands are of historic value   

Parker Snow Journal


W Parker Snow’s account of a voyage around the southern east coast of South America, which includes details of Stanley at that time 

HMS "Satellite" Journal


An important  handwritten journal  covering the visit of HMS "Satellite" to South America and the Falklands in 1864/65