A Message from FIMA Friends Chairman Colin Roberts CVO

Welcome to the website of the FIMA Friends! We are a registered UK charity supporting the work of the Falkland Islands Museum and Jane Cameron National Archives. We help raise funds around the world for their development and locate and purchase valuable items for their public collections. 

The Falkland Islands Museum was relocated to a new site on the harbour front in Stanley 2014. It immediately became a new focus for the community and the most popular destination for tourists and visitors to Stanley. It achieved international recognition in 2018 when it was voted one of the top 25 museums in South America by users of Tripadvisor.  

The Museum and Archive have a particular importance for a small country whose history is sometimes challenged for political reasons. The documents and artefacts gathered and displayed in the Museum and Archive tell the true story of these remote islands and the people who have made them their home. They also present the complex interactions of the community over the centuries with the rest of the world: the world of international trade, shipping and commerce, the early visitors, like Charles Darwin, the Antarctic explorers, like Sir Ernest Shackleton, the links in culture and sport, the Conflict in 1982 and the story of the thousands of service men and women who have served in the Falklands. And the story continues.

The Museum holds, but is presently unable to display, a wealth of large scale items: early agricultural machinery, rolling stock, aircraft from the Conflict and much more. We are currently working with the Museum to help them develop a new building to house all this.

I would like to invite you to join this work by becoming a Member of FIMA Friends. By doing so you will be contributing directly to making this extraordinary story available to future generations; and FIMA Friends will keep you informed about our acquisitions and activities. You will also benefit from free access to the Museum if you have a chance to visit the Falklands – which I very much recommend. To complete the membership form please click on the "Join Us" tab above.  

I hope you enjoy the website. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us using the "Drop us a Line" facility on the "Join us" page.

Colin Roberts CVO

Colin was Governor of the Falklands from 2014 to 2017.  He graduated from King’s College, Cambridge and was called to the Bar (Inner Temple) in 1986. He joined the Diplomatic Service in 1989 spending much of the next 30 years on Far East, former Soviet Union and European Union foreign policy. Colin has served as HM Commissioner for the British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. After the Falklands he spent two years as Senior Adviser in the Cabinet Office on EU Exit. He  is  Chairman of the Shackleton Scholarship Fund.